25 Years of

Since 2011, Mr. Hunt has provided consulting and testifying expert services to over one-hundred fifty law firms throughout Texas and Louisiana, as well as Kentucky, Nevada, and the U.S. Virgin Islands, representing several hundred clients. During this time, he has given sworn testimony over forty times in both state and federal courts and has established a track record of successful verdicts and settlements on both sides of the aisle. He recently was the sole expert for a plaintiff in a construction site injury case where a jury made a multi-million dollar award for the injured worker. The matters on which he has consulted or testified include:

Projects and Contracts

  • Code Compliance
  • Project Management
  • Duty of Care
  • Contract Disputes
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution

Alternative Dispute Resolution

  • Arbitration
  • Mediation

Construction and Damages

  • Construction Defects
  • Proper Repair Protocols
  • Materials and Methods
  • Construction Performance Standards
  • Damage Causation

Insurance Claims

  • Property Damage
  • Repair Estimates
  • Claims Disputes
  • Construction Site Accidents & Injuries

What Clients Say

Mark Kressenberg, Shareholder – Sheehy, Ware & Pappas, PC

“Jeff Hunt has been an invaluable asset to many of our clients with respect to the accurate, knowledgeable, and professional assessment of construction and property damage claims. He does a great job and is very responsive."

David Disiere, Managing Partner, Martin, Disiere, Jefferson & Wisdom, LLP

“Jeff Hunt is a highly qualified, very knowledgeable construction and property damage expert - probably the best I’ve ever worked with. He presents the facts in a no-nonsense, clear manner and I highly recommend him for your property damage disputes.”

Tod Phillips, Partner – Wright Close & Barger, LLP.

“Jeff has been both a consulting and testifying expert for me in construction and flood cases. His ability to see the issues and know the applicable law – and combine the two – gave my clients’ cases the support they needed for positive results. You will be impressed with his knowledge and his ability to help you with your case.”


Experience, Excellence, and Expertise - Jeff Hunt